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So how long does postal delivery of CM take in the...

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Dunno Harm. I ordered mine last Friday and I am hoping it comes this Friday. I didn't see anything about "back-ordered" when I ordered mine, did see that it said back in stock so maybe we got lucky and slipped in before they ran out.

Having a decent demo e-mail battle with a friend right now (meeting engagement).


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So, giving hope to anyone waiting here in good ole Germany for the game: ordered it on a Sunday, got in the mail next saturday. That makes 6 days for delivery to Germany. Impressive BTS, very impressive.

Note: at the time I ordered CM it was in stock (got the 1.02 CD).

I played many PC games before the day I found the gold demo. Now it's only one. And we have a little LAN-Party this weekend, but I'm not so enthusiastic about it as the last time. I wonder, if I can talk my friends into a CM Hotseat Tournament smile.gif

Tiger, hope your copy arrives soon...



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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tiger:



-going nuts waiting for this- confused.gif

-Tiger the Combat Mission-less


For France, it has been 2 weeks for me, ordered on 6/27, received near 7/13.

Since then have had a hard time thinking at stg else...



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