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What did I miss?

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Hurray! He's back.

Did you receive your copy of CM, finally?


You missed piles of Mods, they are all on MadMatt's web site.

There have been a few skirmishes between two types of rodents, and also between undesirables and good people.

The undesirables have been ousted.

Now we have a bouncer hired by BTS, MadMatt.


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Pillar:

No it won't. The unofficial rule is that any thread where the prospect of it being long are mentioned, it will end up being short.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The special Manieri Rule supercedes the Prospect of It Being Long Rule, unless smoke has been fired, in damp weather, prior to spotting by the FO of an un-bogged SP artillery unit. And it wasn't.

Welcome back, Cap'n. What happened with school and enlistment?

While you were gone, we went to a hex-based system with an emphasis on aggressive high-speed recon.

Madmatt was banned.

Dead bodies now ooze blood.

BTS hired Username as a full-time consultant.

The PTO modpack was released, with astounding reviews, but has been blocked by a restraining order from Mitsubishi Corp.

A single thread, called the Cesspool, is bigger than the United States Congress, but remarkably similar.

These are just some highlights.

The preceeding was practically untrue, except for the lies.

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Guest Michael emrys

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Capt. Manieri:

I've been away for kind of a long time...have I missed anything important?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Peace broke out and all the armies were sent home. Many men found their wives and sweethearts had shacked up with shoe salesmen and become vegetarians. Their dogs bit them on the ankle. Dismayed by all this, they rioted in the capitols of their home countries until their governments declared war again, thus providing employment and entertainment for the soldiers who happily raped and pillaged ever after.


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Well, Governer Whitman has created plenty of new jobs in NJ. Traffic is still scary in Camden and Gloucester Counties. We have a new disease being spread by misquitoes and crows are dropping like flies. hmmm....The air is still thick and kind of soupy, no change there.


-Work Hard

-Type Fast

-Save Often

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The most relevant "what's new" is how CM has been tweaked into v1.05, and that MadMatt & Kwazydog have been hired into Battlefront.com. Or check out CM HQ for the HUGE number of mods. Beyond that, things come & go as before in this forum, and Peng hasn't succeeded yet in keeping the smilies in check.


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