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Russian Front Someday?

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I'm new to the list but I've found some interesting reading here tonight and I'm egarly awaiting CM release. I'm going to pre-order mine tonight or I should say this morning.

Sitting here reading some good posts I was thinking, there has never really been a good game that captures the fighting on the Eastern front where Geremany was bled dry. I would be in heaven if Battlefront(I realize it wouldn't be tomorrow)would adapt CM to an Eastern Front expansion pack. Imagine storming parts of stalingrad with all that close in city fighting...OOOHHH! Arty is useless cause the Soviet Red Army is 10-15m away from your troops. I guess I can see why they lost that battle.

But, I'm totally happy to play CM for the next year or so, so don't get me wrong. smile.gif


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BTS, plans to fully cover the European Theater of Operations (ETO)

  1. <LI> CM1: Beyond Overlord (Western Europe)
    <LI> CM2: Barbarossa and Beyond* (Eastern Front)
    <LI> CM3: ** (Mediterranean Theater-North Africa, Italy, Balkans)
    <LI> CM4: Blitzkrieg* (Early War-Poland, France, etc)

* Working title.

** No comprehensive title thought of yet.

(Working titles come from previous discussions on this BBS)

Each title is to follow approximately a year after the previous one. And each previous one is expected to be updated to keep up with the newer versions, so that CM1 won't look outdated by the time CM4 comes around.

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