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the handicap setting...

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I want to address a few issues, some of which have already been brought up, I like a fair fight which is why I like choose your own force quick battles, packaged scens, and balanced user made scens

I am pretty competitive and I don't trust anyone, because people aren't honest(unless you're cuban or chinese), which is why it disturbs me that player #2 can not view the parameters before accepting the battle or choosing forces or viewing the map, for examples, I've played a guy who set up a qb scen at dawn and with fog, had I known I wouldn't have bought the heavymachine guns and other long range units, another example, my opponent created a map and told me to defend, but he arrainged 5 small victory hexes spread across the map in a straight line extending to either edge

I found that very hard to defend, it guarenteed that I would have to make a counter attack at some point unless I wanted to split my forces into a couple small, weak groups

but all this is fine, what really disturbs me, as I usually let my opponent set up the game, is the handcap setting

how is player #2 supposed to know what this is set at? other games I've played make this information available to both sides

I played a meeting engagement in which I was the allies and my opponent was the axis, I spent the max amount of points on infantry, during the battle I found out that we each had 3 infantry platoons, but I noticed that while all my units were regular, all his were veteran, this led me to suspect he had more points to spend than I did?

btw I'm not complaining because I'm no good at the game, I am undefeated in pbem with a 7-0 record against various board members, and I finish all my games

please tell me I'm a fool if I'm missing something wink.gif

and I need more opponents


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No way to figure it out unless to trust your opponent.

Well you can do rough calculation at the end of the battle but that is a painfull process wink.gif



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Guest Madmatt

Actually IIRC, the readme for the 1.03 patch says that a PBEM player will get a message indicating any and all Handicap settings that in place when they first begin a game that player 1 intiated. That way they will know if any handicaps are being used.



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