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I love it but.......AKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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Playing the GD scenario.

1st time by E mail w/ a friend. (never looked at either side before, niether has he)

I have Axis.

I didnt mess w/ the set up except to move one of the mortars up to improve his LOS.

By turn 3 both mortars out

By turn 4 All my bunkers and the pill box were dead. Including the 105 infantry gun.

Its turn 8

I have 2 squads of Allies comming up my right side past the road

on the right every one is dead the squads w/ the panzershreck and the MG All dead

And an unknown # of allied squads movig up that side (4 or 5 Id guess).

The damage mostly has been done by Allied mortars and Shermans.

Am I that miserable a player? Could I just be having a disasterous run of bad 'Rolls' ?

Is the set up that uneven?

(I thought I was fairly competent in the Beta demo and played prety even w/ my partner in all those scenarios playing both sides more than once.)

Hope reinforcements come soon.

Lovin the graphics, new equip, the sounds are awsome, terain unbelievable.

Hate being routed.

Thanks for the Gold Demo. I'd bout wore out the Beta scenarios.

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I dunno I found valley of terror to be pretty balanced in some ways... It all depends on what the axis does and does not do...

That scenario is in my opinion hard from any direction, but nowhere near impossible.

As allies I prefer to hang back a bit and try to get as many of my units and tanks forward without being knocked out...

I even found a sick spot that tanks can fire from but the bunker on the highest hill (forget the number) cant get los too...

I even got the tanks to hit the bunker (the major nasty tank killer one on the highest hill) from the other side of the map and kill it (lucky shot I think but what the hey)

my first time I played it, i ran down my allied forces in such a way as to stay clear of what where likely mined areas and usualy just went around the barbed wire. Before the tenth round The allied left flank had taken out that pill box and was working on the one in the hill (with some tank support of course after the main bunker was down.)

In that round the germans get a hint as to the best way for the allies to win the map though...

ARTY! you know that big ole guy who never shows his face but you feel his fist?

the mortar will either rip your forces apart, or shell shock them out of bunkers (thats how I took two of the four or five bunkers) they justhave to concentrate on it for a few minutes, then target something else (they have enough ammo to last a good portion of the scenario if used right).

then use the big arty spotter to just distract the big bunker on the highest hill. In fact don't let up at all... It may not kill it, but it can, and it will shell shock a lot of the units inside...

another vital thing is for the allies to make DAMN good use of the smoke attack. Layer that bill pill box on the hill with smoke when you make a move. I don't care if a tank is visible for only a few seconds make sure it has smoke on it...

the tanks should avoid pushing too far forward till that big gun is down, then they can try to use that hill in the middle of the map to haras/destroy just about anything in the town or surrounding valley.

Once the battle in the valley was over (and I must admit I suck as using flamethrowers, none of them even fired once... before they where toast.

the hardest part of that map, with or without that big gun on top is just plain taking that hill you can't win the scenario if you haven't taken that big hill. I was worried the first time I played it cuz I was down to my last two tanks (one had taken a barrel hit and only had it's machine gun).

The damn panther or whatever had shown up and oh boy did I have a fun time trying to take that out... i musta spent an hour before I figured out the approach that got it for me with the way it was that time.

So if you wanna win as the germans, make sure that main hill is a death trap you have every advantage when defending it...

When your reinforcements arrive (the panther I think it is) just sit it at the top of the hill and back a little tiny ways... so it can see the tanks on the middle hill, and usualy get a hull down shot on it (easy kill) or with a little coaxing it can see the tanks elsewhere and usualy get a hull down shot on em too.

If they start pushing up that road... lay some ambushes, and for gods sake keep that panther alive at all costs..

Watch your rear, the only way I was able to kill the panther was to pop smokes all the way around the back of the hill with me fully functioning sherman, then I timed it perfectly (rare for me I suck at timing things since I'm so new to CM) so that the rear tank and the gunless tank both came into view of the panther at the same time, as luck would have it the panther shot at my half dead sherman knocking it out, but not a split second later my rear sherman which fought a desperate battle to get to the rear put a AP round right in it's backside...

Without the smoke it would have been spotted... and either taken out by a Panzerfuast or Panzershreck before even coming close... even with the support I gave it.

so like I said keep that main hill at all costs... you might even consider moving your mine feilds to the hill Both personell and antitank. But leave one or two personell ones between the two fenses in the valley (I think from the axis point of view the fenses I mean are to the left of the town? Where they are already set up anyway) to make the allied foottroops fall easy prey for a while down below...

As for the arty ambush target or whatever that thing is (I didn't touch it when I played as Axis) you might wanna leave it be. that lowland area is gonna be a major source of allied footroop headace for you as it is...

Just try to bleed the alied forces all the way to the hill while taking as few casualties as possible. If done right the hill should have a large number of forces alive and well hidden in the trees on both sides. lay your mines carefully on that road on the hill, making sure you down hit em yourself. but making sure allied forces unless they are psychic can't avoid them.

Screw those visible mines... those usualy don't get one kill, so put em somplace that will slow down the enemy. Oh and I might have forgotten but those mines placements I told you about may or may not work I only played the axis side once, and forget if the scenario let me place them on the hill if not just try to get them where you know they'llbe stepped on or will at least be a nusance. something to hold back the allies and let your units open up on them.

HOLD the hill and the allies only get a minor victory if they win at all...

Nothing else matters but that hill...


good luck...

Hope my strat helps... but if not it's ok...

Every time you play a scenario on Cm you can find different strategies will work differently all the time. It depends on the randomness factor, and the mind of your opponent...

Lastly of all, try keeping most of your forces hiden or in ambush positions... keep the allies guessing, and unless they are trying to take the hill just try to sting em not run them over. Wait for the big bad panther to come to save yer ass... If it can hold off the approaching forces till the 35th turn and that hill still has a swastica on it, chances are you will either have won, or not lost much... (say allied 45% victory and you 49%, or vice versa)

so good luck...


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Guest Charles

If you are playing VoT, please post spoiler warnings!!

Thank you.


Not THE Charles from BTS

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