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Realistic tank Platoon? (Heer)

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In theory the platoon should be equiped identically, as were companies. However different coy in the same regt would have different gear.

Of course this works fine on paper or in 1939 but I think by mid '44 you took whatever the logistic chain gave you.




Anxiously awaiting the G4 PowerBook

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According to HAndbook of German Military Forces, A Heer tank company was either made up of PzKpfw IVs, or PzKpfw Vs, but not both.

Organisation was (excluding support vehicles etc)

Company HQ : 2 AFVs

3 x Platoons of 4 AFVs Each

SS Panzer Platoons had 5 AFVs each, rather than 4.


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Jagdpanthers were always supposed to operate in groups, not singly.

Does this also go for the Jagdtigers? Do I always need to grab a platoon if I want to play realistic? smile.gif

Hetzers, marders and other smaller hunters. Single units, full platoons or a mixed bag of fun?

How about King Tigers, were they a Tiger I platoon power-ups, or were they used in KT only platoons?

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I think Mace got it right.

Just want to add that the typical Panzer Reiment was one battalion each of PzKw IV and PzKw V. (Each full strength battalion had three companies.)

Sometimes the shortage of tanks made some companies have StuG IIIG instead.

Other than that the Panzerjäger companies had three batteries (not platoons by name) of 4-5 ATGs (towed or armoured) and were separate from the tank regements.

Armoured Panzerjäger companies used one type of Jagdpanzer for the whole company.

Jagdpanzers used within the CM time frame were: Marder, StuG IIIG (no F or earlier versions), Hetzer, Jagdpanzer IV (all versions), Jagdpanther, Jagdtiger and possibly also StuG IV. Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger were used by the heavy Panzerjäger battalions, that never were an organic part of any division, just like the heavy tank battalions.

(As a result of the above, there might have been a Panzer division with StuG IIIGs in both the Panzerjäger company and in the tank regiment, the formers crewed by artillery men and the latters by tankers...)



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The important bit is that Veh were never mixed at platoon level, only at coy level and even then not in an ad-hoc fashion. eg StuG+PIV, Panther+PIV/70(V), StuG+Hetzer, StuG+Marder or french lash up, StuG+PIV/70(A), PIV+PIV/70(A) these are the mixs which offhand are supplied to the units. A independent StuG Battailion/Abetilung will never have PIV/70(V) issued although there is a chance that it may have been one of the lucky ones to be issued the PIV/70(A) from the 100 that were earmarked for the StuG boys.

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