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Fun with Windows!

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I got to spend all weekend re-installing Windows (actually my brother-in-law did because it was WAY beyond my confidence-level to try) because I made the mistake (silly me) of updating my video card drivers. I d/l'd the demo for Mindrover, which told me I needed newer OpenGL drivers for my ErazorII card (in addition, Mindrover caused 3 RegEdit messages, one text file and a Netscape window to open on EVERY startup)

I tried installing the new OpenGL stuff, but was told that the base card drivers needed updating, so I did that...and my system decided that, after every attempt at any sort of video playback, I should get a nice BSoD free of charge! Then I couldn't get the CD drive to read the install disc so I could put the base drivers back in. So I copied the files from the CD onto another system in the home network and got them into the Windows folder that way. However, upon each restart (and periodically thereafter) my system would either reset the monitor to a default PnP, or else throw out a driver conflict error.

Then it got ugly.

It seems to be fixed now (and I have .5GB of storage space back what with the purging of all the crap) but it's just further confirmation for me that I MUST upgrade shortly; if only the component cost of my shopping list would drop below $600.

Why am I telling you all this? Because, along with the loss of the old Win95 crap, the Sierra OnLine crap (finally!) and the Diamond drivers (which never fully uninstalled in the first place) I lost Netscape and all the emails and addresses with it, including all the info for CMMC that I had.

So I'm CMMC clueless for right now (and looking for people to mug for the $ to put a 650 mhz on the list, instead of the 600)


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