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Capturing large numbers

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Has any one heard of the time when something like 3 tanks from 2 SS Pz Div and the remnats of a bicycle company (20 men) from the 6th Parachute Regiment (von der Heydte's) captured an entire American Battalion of

17 officers and 600 men.... I suppose this

is could be simulated by wishing to surrender

but admittedly this is far different from the taking of large numbers of prisoners in the encirclement battles of the east or late in the war in Germany, this was in the thick of the Normandy invasion - I wonder if this could be somehow simulated in CM? how likely could one pull off such a scenario.....

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Guest Madmatt


Err you aren't refering to..

"the action between men of the 90th Division 'Tough Hombres' and the 6th Fallschirmjäger (Paratroop) Regiment under Major Friedrich August Freiherr von der Heydte on July 23 1944 around St. Germain-sur-Seves.

Historically the Fallschirmjager attacked a vastly superior force numerically and inflicted huge casualties and took over 200 US prisoners. The fighting was close and brutal amongst this hedgerow-crossed landscape. "

As quoted by me from my interview with Wild Bill on the Boots and Tracks site...

If you are then you got your facts and numbers a little mixed up! wink.gif

I am actually currently working on a scenario based on this action...


Showing my Grognard roots there...


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The 90th Infantry Division during Normandy was the worst division in the ETO. It was a National Guard Unit that had its commanding officer changed three times in less than a month. At one point Bradely seriously considered disbanding the unit and using the men as replacements. Eventually the unit shaped up (after sacking almost all senior officers) and become one of the finest units in the ETO, becoming an integral part of Patton's "Ghost Corps".

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