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TDG's and TacOps 4


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I've been given permission by the editor of the

"Marine Corps Gazette", Col. John Glasgow (ret),

to create TacOps scenarios based on the Tactical

Decision Games that are a monthly feature of the

Gazette. The archives go back to 1996, so there's

a lot of great material in there for scenarios.

I plan to create enough scenarios to get a website

off the ground, and then add to them as time goes

on. I figure 4-6 weeks from now before the site can

go up.

Each file will be in zipped format containing the

scenario, BLUFOR and REDFOR briefings, an umpire

brief (if applicable), and a file with credit and

acknowledgement to the original creator of the TDG,

and to the Gazette (the TDG's are the property of

the Gazette).

I'll post the link when everything is ready to go.

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Yes, I've taken hard copies of all the TDG's in the archives and have gone through them. As you say, some are not suitable due to scale, some for other reasons. Still, there are quite a few that I think I can do. I've almost completed work on the first map for the first scenario at this point.

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