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CM has the Look DOWN PAT!

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I went to Ft. Knox today to go to the Patton Museum, and beside all of the awesome AFV's, there were five guys in WW2 uniforms hanging around a M5 halftrack. CM has the look of the US soldier down real well. Maybe I've been playing too much, but it was like CM come to life.

Later, there was a demonstration where the halftrak and a Sherman tank drove around in circles. The Sherman has a functioning turret. The Sherman also made quite a bit more noise than the halftrack. I have no idea if the powertrains on those vehicles are original. Lastly, when they drove over a dirt road/running trail, the Sherman kicked up a lot of dust, even though the ground in KY is moist from yesterday's rain. Interestly, the dust generated was also a function of how much gas the tank got -- the exhaust kicked up more dust (today) than the tracks.

Part of the reason the guys looked like the game is that the CM-soldier is a little heavier than average, and the WW2 reenactors were middle-aged. The 18-yr old soldiers walking around were much skinnier (and they are undoubtedly bigger than WW2 soldiers who grew up during the Depression). On the other hand, soldiers in most of CM's timeframe wore a lot of layers to stay warm, so I suppose CM is alright. Now, when you do CM3, or CM5 in the Pacific, you might want to consider having skinnier soldier models!

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