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To BTS re PublicBeta 24 - HMG42 oddity?

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Just finished a tcp/ip random QB. Night/rain/wet. Visibility 95m max.

Two crack US 50cal Jeeps were running around, using move not fast (I checked. with my opponent). Both elite HMG42's fired at both jeeps. Minimum engagement range was 5 to 10 meters, max range was 95 meters (of course). No damage to either jeep. Not shocked, gun damaged, or anything else. Total time of HMG fire on the jeeps wasr 3 and 5 turns respectivly. One Elite' Moterized Rifle Squad 44' (Heer) took out both jeeps in two subsequent turns. One was Knocked Out @15m, and the other was shocked @40+m and then abandoned IIRC. Has the HMG42 damage vs vehicles been modified? Readme file says not.


"What are we going to do tonight Brain?"

"The same thing we do every night Pinkey... We're going to take over Europe!"

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