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To all Italian CM players

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Hi, I have the opportunity to travel to Italy for two weeks starting September 3rd.

I will be in Rome for one week and Florence the second week.

I would really like to meet some fellow CM players in Italy. We could play some CM and take in the sights of Rome/Florence. I don't speak ANY Italian so you would get good practice with your English.

You probably don't recognize my posting handle of "Torgo". Because of security issues with the upcoming CMMC campaign (details at Madmatt's website) I can't use my real screen name. If I did use my usual screen name, you would definitely recognize me as I have been a regular poster for months.

If you would like to meet a fellow CM player reply to this message with your e-mail address. I will get in touch with you right away (and I will use my real name wink.gif )



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Hi Torgo,

sure! I live in Rome, it will be a pleasure for me to meet a fellow player, it will be good for my english too I think! smile.gif

I'll tell you the details in the email you've sent me.




Ammiraglio di Squadra

1a Squadra Navale

"In Arduis Intrepida"

Regia Marina


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