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Stacking Mine Fields?

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Hi y'all,

Does stacking 20m mine fields have any effect? (increase probability of casualities, number of bangolaors/satches to 'clear a path')

I suspect the answer is no effect [stacking mind fields, even sounds 'gamey'], but couldn't find the answer in search.

I found some other exciting info, though.

Steve 2/24/99:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I know, we really shouldn't be giving everybody the kitchen sink as well, but what the heck!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hot Damn!

A sink and a kick-butt wargame! cool.gif

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Guest Scott Clinton

I don't know...

I assumed that stacking DIFFERENT TYPES of mine fields would give you a mine field that had BOTH types in it, but I have not tested this.

It never occured to me to stack the same type on top of each other though...


Please note: The above is solely the opinion of 'The Grumbling Grognard' and reflects no one else's views but his own.

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Hey y'all,

I should've been more exact, AT and AP seems reasonable.

But what about multiple tiles of AT or AP, would this increase the density?

If so, at what point would the number of similar fields, overlayed have a negligible effect?

How 'bout including a sink, a wargame, and a six-pack? smile.gif

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