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My review of CM

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Well now that I have had the game for a day now. My excitement in getting the game, installing the add-ons and playing a scenario, I can finally take a deep breath and give an objective opinion.

I think that I can safely give an experts opinion in the area of the game but not in the area of realism. I simply do not follow how accurate a game is. I am more of a “how it feels to play the game” type of player.

I have been war gaming in one form or another since the mid 60’s. Just about anything related to all kinds of war gaming. Land (Panzer Blitz, Squad Leader) Sea, (Midway) Air (F-15 Atari) These games are just a few I played from the old days. So here goes.

In the area of documentation, I found CM manual to be very good. It provides everything you need to understand and play the game. Rating A. I did not give it an A+ because this manual (again in my opinion) should have been made spiral bound, allowing me to fold the manual and read as I learn the game. Perhaps there was a cost factor here but no big deal.

In the area of installing the game, mods, add-ons etc. etc. I found this process to be very easy and encountered no problems. Rating A+. There simply were no problems period.

In the area of playing the game. Forget everything you have ever done with previous land based war games. The AI is a bastard. He will out flank, use smoke for offensive and defensive purposes. In one night battle I witness the enemy lift there heads up (they were hiding behind some hedges) fire and duck back down.just like in the movies. I started calling them bastards until my wife told me to take it easy.

Read the manual. Learn what the symbols mean on the leaders and think pure tactics. You must read the manual regarding terrain!! Learn the plus and minuses of terrain.

In the area of the battle generator and editor. I simply don’t know what to say except that both are outstanding. The quick battle generator and editor will provide years of fun until CM2 comes out.

So is the game fun to play? Are you kidding? THIS IS THE GAME. All of my other land based war games are now beer coasters. The long wait is over. I cant wait to start reading the postings on tactics, war stories etc.

One final note. I took the time to read the credits. Besides thanking all of the BTS personnel for putting this great game together. I would to thank the beta testers. This game clearly shows the out standing job they did.

Thank you,

John Casrrasquillo



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Sniperscope, so basically you're saying that it had a good beat and you could dance to it? What do you give it, a 70?

HE understands what I'm referring to even if you young whippersnappers out there don't, right SS? smile.gif



Compliments appreciated, Questions answered, Death Threats reciprocated.

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