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Top 10 things overheard when Matthew's enormous-nosed girlfriend enters a room!!!

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10. Poor girl, she'll never get a man..Oh Wait! There's that petty little English boy!

9. Pardon me, Ma'am. If you're looking for your nose, it was just sighted in Saskatchewan.

8. Mmm, mmmm. That girl must lie all the damn time!

7. Lucky she's fat, or she'd really be ugly!

6. Whatever you do! DON'T SNEEZE!

5. Hey! Who brought the canoe?

4. That chick is like a BB gun. If you don't handle 'em right, they'll both poke your eye out.

3. I never thought it possible, but there's a girl who could really benefit from leprosy.

2. Why does that girl with the honker always date pre-teens?

And, number one,......

1. Hey, Big Nose!

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Guest Madmatt

Actually, considering the source, pretty damn funny...


p.s. I knew you would read my post....See..You are addicted to me aren't you???? I may have shown you mercy, My girlfriend?!? NEVER...

[This message has been edited by Madmatt (edited 02-29-2000).]

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?Considering the source?

C'mon, Matthew. We may not like each other, agree with each other, or like how we express ourselves, but you have to admit that I've been reasonably witty in the way I've chosen to say things! Even the syncophant stuff-I could have just said "Ugh, Matt, quit being an egomaniac." But the indirect method, even back then, was pretty creative.


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Guest Big Time Software

I don't know what this crap is all about, but it had better stay off this BBS. This is your only warning.


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