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Small Suggestions for patch or whatever

Guest grunto

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Guest grunto

1) I was wondering about the units... they have functional and non-functional men. The non-functional are marked with the wounded/kia cross. Wouldn't there be some guys who would be unhurt but cowering? Perhaps you could have all three states in a future version? If this is covered well enough by the "unit states" (panicked, broken, alert, pinned, etc.) that's ok with me it would just be cool if not all of the men were injured/killed but some of them had a chance to straggle back to hill 209 or whatever to rally.

2) It doesn't seem to me like commander or mg units ever have panzerfausts. It would be nice if these units had panzerfausts once in awhile. This would be higher priority than #1!<g>

3) On small maps like VOT you might want to include some kind of abstract off-board fire on the flanks. You could perhaps bring in small groups of reinforcements on a flank if someone tried to flank down the edge of a board. You could call it automatic flank protection or AFP.



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