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Humiliating Defeats

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Anyone experience one of those? I was completely wiped out by the AI within 8 seconds of TURN 1 !! eek.gif

I played a quick battle against the AI, for once I decided: No cover, no trees. Moderate hills, village. The AI gave me five PzIVH, plenty of HMGs one sharpshooter and a couple of halftracks.

I set up five of my tanks on hilltops, thinking: If I got PzIVs, the Allies can't have any really good tanks.

Turn 1 started -- one Sherman II, and FIVE Churchill VIIIs in plain sight of my tanks! My tanks blew up the Sherman II within two seconds, but within 8 seconds I had lost ALL FIVE of my tanks! I was left with just

HMGs, a sharpshooter, and two half tracks. I did a quick Alt-A, with 19 out of 20 turns left to go... I have never seen anything like this before.

Beaten by the AI. What else could happen to me, this was the lowest point of my CM career.

FYI I wasn't playing against Seanachai, that was just the AI the AI is much better than he ever will be.


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ahhhhhh...hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhah ahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahaahhahahaha


that made my day man.

don't worry, even ceasar and hannibal had their off days...


"They had their chance- they have not lead!" - GW Bush

"They had mechanical pencils- they have not...lead?" - Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

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