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210mm Rockets

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Most definitely 210mm Rockets are within the

game in force. Just for fun I modeled a town

and studied the various effects of all the heavy artillery on large buildings.

It was like rewinding the best shots of an artillery barrage in Saving Private Ryan. The sound and graphics mods are awesome.

I spent an hour and a half with nothing but artillery spotters from the Germans and Americans playing Fourth of July with a large town. Zoom in real close to a hit and it will make you duck!LOL

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Thanks, Galland! I have an idea for something way beyond the scope of the game, but fun nontheless. Every division has three battalions of 105mm artillery and one of 150mm. If armored (I don't like the Hummel), the 150mm are rockets. At corps level, they have 210mm artillery. An armored corps has 210mm rockets instead of cannons.

This produces what the Russians call "strategic camouflage." You can talk about moving your "210s" or order "150 ammo" over the radio without giving away your unit type. These are the kind of cues intel people use to detect units. It simplifies logistics (kind of like my 13,000-man divisions). Also, the uniformity makes designing a fantasy army easier. :)

The real kick from designing this kind of thing is the stories (fan fiction) that comes from it. By creating a fictional millieu, you can write your own "War and Rememberance" (or in this case "War and Replays).


"Rinky dinky stinky thinky"

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