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Indirect Fire Limitation?

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Is there a limiting distance (short of maximum range) on indirect mortar fire even when spotter has LOS to target?

I am playing a QB under 1.03. 60mm mortars listed as having maximum range 1000m+. For some reason all 60mm and 81mm mortars in the game on my side do not get target lock beyond 500m for indirect spottin (yes units are in C&C and spotting unit has LOS [blue line]) Beyond 500m the line turns (red?) and wording in yellow that it's "Out of Range) Yet if unit has diect LOS then it can easily fire beyond 500m. Normally, a orange line will show indirect target lock from firing unit. It does this out to 500m, beyond the acquistion line won't stick. Initially thought that maybe unit info on 60mm mortars was wrong, but 81mm's I know had adequate range, yet as mentioned direct fire won't affect this

Any thoughts


Any thoughs


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