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Problem w/ Universal Carrier Targeting Bunkers

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Did up a Quick Battle as the Brits and bought some Universal Carrier MMG busses --- figured it beat having to lug that heavy-ass Vickers on foot.

I was rather pleased with 'em, until I tried to get them to target a wooden MG bunker: LOS was clear, and no other targets around to distract from my orders, yet the damn MMG's would not fire! Tried this for several turns and from different angles --- nada.

So what is it? The .303 round can't penetrate, so the AI won't fire? Don't think so --- I've shot at tanks, and heavy buildings, and trees with no problem... For some reason the MMG Carrier doesn't seem to consider the bunker a threat? Well, the bunker sure put enough fire on the Carrier to assuage any confusion on that matter...

'Cor blimey!

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