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good report templates


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Okay TacOps junkies who are currently playing Vrs. 4 until the wee hours o' the morn. I have a question/favor.

I am putting together a wargamming club with some friends and former students and was wondering if anyone has templates for good reports;

SPOT Report

Supporting fire (Artie/CAS)

Generic stuff like that which is very brief and easy for the rookie to learn to fill out.

Also any suggestions you guys have for good rookie level games to build up experience. I am going to use TacOps after these guys build up a foundation in simpler stuff. I am learning also what games or good and garbage.

Email me.


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Look in the TacOps Library folder on your hard drive or on your TacOps v4 CD.

For Spot Report, SITREP, and other reports see Reader pages 413 and later (paper pages 4-9 and later) in FM 7-7J Mech Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley).

For an arty target list worksheet see Reader page 283 in FM 6-2--40 Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Heavy).

Skiming the other FMs should produce other report formats as well as many other tidbits that could spice up the realism of your club activities.

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Since its a military history / wargamming club I am starting with Greeks vs. Greeks and then we are adapting some simple engines for Athens v. Sparta. I plan to use Caesar IIs war engine for Roman and I am looking for the best medieval then napoleonic model. But they are definitely chomping at the bit to use TacOps.

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