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an idea for the Major


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I was just wondering if you have ever thought about making a Windows CE (or palm) version of Tacops. PDA's are everywhere these days and but I don't know of any good or even passable wargames for these portable platforms. Chess aside, I can't think of any game that would lend itself more perfectly to a PDA platform than Tacops.

I don't know what this kind of undertaking would involve, but I thought that I might throw out the idea. I would guess that Windows CE is somewhat similar to Windows 9x??!. If I am way off, please forgive me.

Anyway, I am sure everyone on these boards will agree with me. With everyone getting a PDA these days, I am sure that many other people would be willing to pony up some cash for the game as well.

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The main reason that I don't think about PDAs (or Linux) is that I have my hands full already coping with a Mac version and with the five or six full versions of Windows that are currently in common usage.

Beyond that I don't thik that PDAs have enough horsepower for TacOps and I think the small screens would frustrate the player.

When I am looking up stuff in my Windows development system API refs there are footnotes that list which flavors of Windows can use what. Much of the time CE is missing the API routine that I am looking at, especially if the routine is important for games and graphics.

I don't know the history of PDAs but the CE API makes it look as if Uncle Microsoft wanted it to be dificult to program games for them.

Perhaps someone who is more knowledgeable about PDAs and Windows CE can provide more info.

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