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An apology

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I am with you jon and wreck.....Although it may have been a drag for Charles and Steve at some while it was happening last night there will be a time (if it hasn't happened already) when BTS will sit back and say "do you remember the night we threw out the gold demo for CM1 and the place went crazy....can believe we really created something that so many people got so excited about?"

Great work guys...thank you.


"Tryin to be so so bad is bad enough, don't make me laugh by talkin tough" EC

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Guest Big Time Software

Thanks guys, but no appology needed. In spite of the Big Crash of May™, we would much rather that than to have virtual tumbleweeds blowing through here smile.gif As it was it was more like a sandstorm in full force winds, but we got through it OK!

Just to make sure everybody knows what happened. It wasn't the posting to that mamoth thread that likely choked the server, but rather constant refreshing. Well, at least from what we could tell on this end smile.gif


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