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AH64D and other ranters

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Ok, 1st i'm using the word ranters because you said you are smile.gif

I have returned to this board since the middle of january. Before that i was too busy with y2k frown.gif . I didn't post anything since last month because i enjoyed reading many posts and had a good time (still do btw) with the beta-demo.

The message from AH64D make me come out of my bunker however, with the urge to comment. Too lazy to post on the +30 posts thread (i have to click twice to view my reply smile.gif) i posted this new topic. It's not ment for replies just info. But if you feel like talking drop a line.

Now then. AH64D, i think you know what CM is all about (at least you say so). I also understand there are things you like to see changed. You should however keep some things in mind. One of the things is that complaining/demanding/being rude won't help.

If you think things should have been different you should have posted it months ago, not when a game is about to go public.

I know that i am playing a beta. I know the full-version wil have heaps of goodies i didn't know would be in there. I suggest you just wait and see what this full-version has to offer.

What i think is important about CM is the following: It looks GREAT (i bet you have never seen a wargame with such depth AND such graphics). It sounds great. Have you ever played a battle involving mg's, at's and so on...firing together? It's like entering hell with knobs on smile.gif

The important thing about CM is being able to identify units when looking at them. You always know what is what and where and why (mmm...lost myself there). I cannot always say these things for other wargames.

I am NOT saying that CM can't be bettered in the graphical department. But what is important and what isn't? Like many others i have been waiting for this game since a long time. Do i want to wait another 4 months to spice up the graphics? No, i think it's more important to have accurate ballistics.

You might not mean to offence people by posting your ideas, but keep in mind that you are NOT the one making the game. You think BTS wants to create a horrible game? You think they like to spent many years creating a game knowing it will suck? Ofcourse not, they do whatever is possible to create the most accurate wargame which kicks the living **** out of any wargame availible right now (that's why i didn't get the fullversion in december...BASTARDS smile.gif).

Criticism is a nice thing which can be helpfull. Just remember you can step on people's toes when you are giving it at the wrong time.


ps. See what you have done. Now everybody knows i'm stil alive...only because of this stupid post smile.gif

ps2. CoolColJ, if you happen to read this: GREAT MODS !!! keep them comming...i'm ready for v3.0 now smile.gif

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aww, Foobar, why'd ya go and do that - now whenever I read his posts I have this stupid, stereotyped, foreign accent playing in my head biggrin.gif

Makes it really hard to read the posts and make sense of them ... tongue.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by EScurlock:

Has anyone else noticed that this was the first post from "AH64D" ever, and that he joined the forum just today, and he has no E-Mail address? Makes one wonder....


Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I wonder if there are any more lurkers from 7 months ago just waiting to start another "engaging" discussion. Maybe the board really is getting stale.

Craig (calling from the middle of nowhere)

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I want CM to be the bestest game ever. I am the Alpha and the Omega of this board and have diligently read and clearly understood the philosophy behind every question and answer, and I choose this moment to announce that I am annoyed that the demo, although clearly marked as such, does not contain features such as

1) realistic modeling of beards. I'll have you know that I actually *know* a guy with a beard, and it doesn't look anything like those dinky 5 o'clock shadows that the teeming minions working in the BTS coding sweatshops have thoughtlessly provided us.

(It goes without saying that hyper-accurate beard graphics are essential to *everyone's* enjoyment of WWII tactical simulations.)

2) realistic modeling of Steve's ass. I mean, how am I going to know what to kiss?

And by the way; I have never actually been inside of an armored vehicle nor have I ever fired anything larger than a pistol, but I'm telling you that BTS has got it all wrong. I won't bother anyone with explaining myself, but again, I know these things.

Same goes with all the graphics. I know for a *fact* that this guy told me that some guy told him that pretty much everyone has supercooled Mondo-Crays and so the BTS guys can just throw some code together to accurately portray the steam rising from latrine holes on those cold mornings after "C-rat surprise" for breakfast.

And I think the game needs so much work that I want it right now and am insulted that I don't already have it.

And hey, no offense.

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Guest Big Time Software

harharhar biggrin.gif

I'll close this one up so it doesn't get out of hand.

PanzerShark, welcome back. So did you fall asleap in the hours after Y2K change over? wink.gif I had two inlaws on call who were sent home because it was obvious that they were just chewing up the overtime pay since nothing was going to happen. I feel sorry for all those paranoid Americans that have 2 years worth of beef jerky and canned water in their basements wink.gif


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