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Victory Conditions

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Well, I was wondering about how sophisticated CM was in regards to VC. So, I actually did a search on teh subject, since it seemed likely that this has been discussed in the past, and had my question answered very satisfactorily.

However, it seems that while CM has a more sophisticated VC model than other computer wargames, it still falls short of what you see in many board wargames, like squad leader or ASL. However, that is almost certainly inevitable. Quite simply, in ASL, the scenario designer can jsut describe what victory happens to be. Assuming he is precise, he can rely on the humans power to figure out whether or not they are fulfilled.

Here is my useful comment: For scenarios designed by plaers as specifically HtH, the scenario designer can do exactly the same thing. Simply consicesly describe what it takes to achieve victory in the scenario description, and then leave it up to the players to decide who won. Won't work against the AI of course, but who wants to play against a stupid computer anyway?

Jeff Heidman

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I take offense!!!

I'm not that stupid! I think the CM folks have done a great job with me, thogugh I stillll have m-m-m-my faults.

Besides, I've already kicked some newbie butts, and that only in the Demo! So watch who you calling stupid, for I've got some surprises waiting up my sleeve.... errrr.... algorithms that will truly show you what for! And besides, no matter how good you think you are, I'm always waiting to take you on again, day or night, anytime my fleshy bag of water pal!!!



Sorry, couldn't resist.

I agree, victory conditions can be described in scenerio briefing if current VC is not acceptable, especially in two player games.


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