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Map Editing questions for V4


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This has probably already been covered, and if it has, all I ask is that you point me in the right direction.

One question for the bunch: Will the existing Map Tool v1.02 work for TacOps v4? If not, is there one included/anticipated for the future?

On a second note, I've seen a few screenshots with what look like USGS-style topo maps as TacOps maps. Has anyone every had success scanning in topo maps? What resolution/size did you use? I can't think of anything funkier than fighting Soviets in my hometown backyard in North Jersey.


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I think Map Tool v102 still works with v4 but Map Tool v104 is better and is included on the v4 CD. It is in the "Extras" folder.

Map Tool v104 can add three types of impassable terrain.

Impassible to wheels.

Impassible to wheels and tracks.

Impassible to wheels, tracks, and dismounted personnel.

Also, Map Tool v104 has a new semi-layered map view that makes it easier to see what you have already encoded.

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