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Largest battle?

Olle Petersson

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Just tried an experiment with 6 BMP regiments against 5 mech infantry bn's

Both sides had also 45 choppers ,10 air sorties and 10 artillery units(off map)

It ran on map 202 and I had no problems,the game ran very smooth

played on a Athlon 1,4 processor with 256 mb memory

remarks,even on click sounds such a big battle takes long to do a turn if 600 units+ starts firing on eachother,I dont know if that wil be fun.

Did 20 turns

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If you want to try a battle that big,than its ok with me smile.gif

What about this evening?

Would be a nice test to see if the dataflow is fast enough to coop with all those units

I propose:

4 Mechbn with tankssupport(mixed german/dutch)

And a bn of Apaches/PAH AT choppers

against 4 BMP regiments with tank and artillery support and choppers too


The looser writes the AAR smile.gif

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I wish my definition of evening would be the same as yours, I'd be all for adding to the "how to drive the Major crazy" category smile.gif

"Hey Major, in the appended 1.4 GB autosave (for your convinience first zipped, then bzip2'ed and then stuffed (yeah, makes it bigger)), when the unit number 2344 takes it 200th ATGM shot at that single motorcycle 9km away (did we mention we had visiblity set to 13000m?) you will notice that..." [computer crashed]

[ August 12, 2002, 05:28 PM: Message edited by: redwolf ]

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Actually ... I've got a pbem battle going on now on Map780 [30 x 15 km] that is quite large.

A mixed U.S.Army Heavy Bde [4 maneuver Bns, 1 Arty Bn, 1 Helo Bn, 1 Sct Co ... etc] -vs- a late 80's Soviet Experimental formation called a New Army Corps [1 x Tk Bde, 2 x Mech Bde, Recon Bde, 2 x Arty Bde etc ...] Both formations have been upgraded to new equiptment and "very few" options turned on.

We are just 145 turns into the game so we are still fighting the screening battle. We set the scenario to go for 600 minutes.

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Probably a bit of all that is true. However, I would like ot have even more time on my hands. We generally get through 3 turns a week ... sometimes more ... simetimes a lot more.

Once we finish working the play balance out I will finish up the documentation and post it to the mail group ... or send it to any one who wants it.

I guess the point is that TacOps can model quite a large force without any hiches. None of the machines are super powered either. A MacG3 B&W playing Blue and an AMD K6-2 450 for Red. Both with 1GB RAM.

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