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Installing TacOps Cav v4

Randell Daigre

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I'm a tank commander in the National Guard. I just got my copy of Tac Ops Cav v4 from Ft. Knox. When I try to install it, it asks me to find a path to "TacOpsCav v4\zfanfareC.wav" on disk 2. They only sent me one disk. On that disk, the closest thing I could find was "acOpsCav v4\zfanfareC.wav" (no, that's not a typo, the "T" really isn't there). The installer will not accept this pathway and will not allow me to continue beyond this point. Am I supposed to have another disk? Is the disk they sent me screwed up? Am I not allowed to install this version on my computer? :confused:

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You are probably right that the immediate problem is due to that folder being named "acOpsCav v4". It should be named "TacOpsCav v4".

It sounds like the CD that you received from Fort Knox is either damaged or they inadvertantly introduced a typo into the name of the "TacOpsCav v4" folder on the CD when they made your copy.


A. Send email to Linda Whitfield at Fort Knox reporting this problem and request a new CD.

B. Or copy the entire contents of the CD to a temporary location on your hard drive. Rename the "acOpsCav v4" folder to "TacOpsCav v4". Then run the installer by double clicking on setup.exe in the temporary location on your hard drive. After the installer completes you can discard everything that you copied to a temporary location on your hard drive.

C. Or don’t use the installer and simply copy the TacOpsCav v4 folder to your hard drive (using the proper folder name) and then copy the TacOps Extras and TacOps Library folders into the TacOpsCav v4 folder. If you do it this way then you won’t have the usual shortcuts in the Windows Start menu. You can either add the shortcuts manually or just run TacOpsCav by navigating to the TacOpsCav folder and double clicking on TacOpsCav.exe.

If option B or option C does not solve your problem then send me a private email and I will give you another option.

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