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Military Using TACOPS (all countries)


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Hello all.

I'm new to this forum and would like to know what Military Units are using TACOPS, including the Active Duty, reserve, and National Guard components.

I've read a bit about Canada and some other countries, and would like to hear more about that too.

I maintain the hardware/ networks/ electronics of three Battle Simulation Centers at Ft. Polk - Two JANUS SimCenters, and one BBS SimCenter. I'm very curious to find out the answers to the above questions (personal - not job related).

I've just purchased TACOPS 3 (hasn't arrived yet). I've been using TACOPS 1.04 for years. What are the most notable differences?


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Looks like a salute is due to Qassis smile.gif.

Major McLamb was instrumental in getting TacOps into the Armor School at Fort Knox ... which led to the contract with 16th Cavalry for TacOpsCav v4 ... which will lead to TacOps v4. Major McLamb sent me the following note.

- - - -

Major McLamb said ... In my assignment previous to Fort Knox, I was an observer/controller at JRTC. Although I spent a great deal of time in the field, I attended an off-post church with my family. One Sunday a member of the church asked me if I enjoyed computer games. When I answered that I had not played with many, he gave me a boxed edition of TacOps (I don't remember the version, but it had a very stylized color rendition of close combat on the cover of the box). I took it home and was hooked. I bought the most recent version of TacOps from Arsenal, and returned the boxed edition to my friend. Shortly after, I moved to Fort Knox and discovered that the school did not have a simulation that met my needs in the classroom, so I started using TacOps. Not long after that, I contacted you [Major H] for the first time, I think to ask about additional maps. (Seems like a long time ago now.)

Anyway, the church member that introduced me to TacOps was a guy named ___________. He is a computer simulations consultant at Fort Polk, and he goes by the email address of qassis. In a way, you can argue that he is indirectly responsible for TacOps 4.0. smile.gif

MAJ Joe McLamb

- - - -

Best regards, Major H.

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Aw, gee, now I'm blushing.

Congratulations to Maj. Joe McLamb for his insight in utilizing this outstanding tool (TACOPS) to improve the Armor Captains Course .

Well done, Joe!

I suspect that there are hundreds of other small & large unit leaders who could benefit from utilizing TACOPS as a training tool but have not done so. If interested, contact Maj. H who can put you help you, or put you in contact with those who can. Constructive training is here to stay.


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User feedback:

I use TACOPS extensively in my Sqn as it is simple to use and provides the info required (as opposed to 4 hrs setting up JANUS, just to have it crash and the need to have intimate knowledge of how to use a 3 button mouse).

The soldiers love it, I just wish it were possible to merge TACOPS and Combat Mission.

Yours in Armour,

M. Gibson


OC A Sqn

1/15 RNSWL

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gibsonm:

The soldiers love it, I just wish it were possible to merge TACOPS and Combat Mission.


Mmmmm... TacOps and Combat Mission... I think, though, that the two scales would be impossible. TacOps can simulate battles up to divisional scale.. Combat Mission strains with battalion-level engagements (I myself find that I can't effectively command/micromanange anything larger than a reinforced company in CM).

I think TacOps is great the way it is, when my thinking on the subject is grounded in reality. I mean, a 3D TacOps might LOOK really cool, but I really don't think I'd get anything more out of it.

On another note, I gave a copy of the TacOps Cav to my old company commander on the day he transferred to the Colorado ARNG. I don't know if he is, but I'd like to think he's using it for training.

G. Anderson

B 1/178 Inf (Air Assault)

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>I gave a copy of the TacOpsCav to my

>old company commander ...

Just to be sure that no one thinks that Gregory is a pirate - his action was authorized.

TacOpsCav is the U.S. Army version of TacOps. The Army license allows any member of the U.S. Army to give a copy of TacOpsCav to any other member of the U.S. Army - active or reserve. Peer to peer transfer within the U.S. Army is specifically authorized and encouraged.

However, Army personnel may not provide copies to folks who are not in the U.S. Army. Everyone else is invited to present a crisp $20 bill smile.gif.

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>>Hi, I used to run the sim center at Fort Polk (across from Range Control). Is Ken Still there? Mike Robel

Hi Mike, Ken's L. is still at Ft. Polk's BBS and doing a fine job. He works for Logicon.

The civilians in the 2 JANUS Sim Centers (Taskforce 3 & LTP) are in a state of "flux" as the majority of the civilians move from TRW to Cubic over the next few months. Contract end/beginning is a normal part of life for (us) contractors, but still always causes a bit of concern.

Some of the Active Duty Guys have recently been given a LEGAL copy of TacOpsCav and are (on their own time, not mission related) running it through it's paces, and having a riot doing it.

I got my (with my crisp $20 bill) TacOps V3 (was using 1.04) and am LOVING it. This Retired Army Medic is FINALLY in command! One of the first lessons that TacOps has brought home to me, is that when the Infantry digs in, it's tough to beat 'em.

I especially enjoy being able to create my own maps and run local Scenereos.

Where do I sign up to join the Maj. H fanclub?

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