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Tactics - References

MajorH TacOps Developer

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>Where could I fine a good source of information on Tactics?

Skim (I do mean skim - do not read everything) the following FMs located in the library folder on your TacOps CDROM. Skim them in the order given - i.e. start at company level and work downwards.

Tank And Mechanized Infantry Company Team, Field Manual 71-1, 26 January 1998. This manual describes how the company team fights. It focuses on the principles of company team operations and the tactics, techniques, and procedures the company team uses to exploit its combat power and minimize its limitations and vulnerabilities. Where capabilities of the various company team systems differ significantly, the manual examines alternative considerations and techniques for their employment. This manual is for leaders at all levels of the company team.

Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley), Field Manual 7-7J, 7 May 1993. This manual describes tactics, techniques, and procedures for the mechanized infantry platoon and squad equipped with the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle.

The next reference is below the scale of TacOps, but it is useful as a definition of the squad and individual behaviors that TacOps assumes are taking place.

Combat Skills Of The Soldier, Field Manual 21-75, 3 August 1984. This is the soldier’s field manual. It tells the soldier how to perform the combat skills needed to survive on the battlefield. This manual describes basic skills that must be learned by soldiers in all military occupational specialties (MOS).

Now go back and actually read (vice skiming) these three manuals.

If you do the above and and still want more then read the battalion level FMs.

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