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Apache AH-64D


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I thought you all might like to know and comment upon the new US Army contract for the upraded version of the Apache Longbow. A Seattle, WA Headline of today reads, "Two contracts will upgrade aging Apaches." Although the article is aimed at the economic community of the Boeing Aerospace company, the significance is far reaching. New night sensors will be added to the Apache missile systems. This should be great news for the Army as well as for Boeing engineers and scientists. Specifically named in the article is the Arrowhead guidance system for the Hellfire ATGM missile (well known to TacOps afficionados). The new Apache will be called the AH-64D and is to be upgraded (grandfathered) by Boeing Military and Apache Systems of Mesa, AZ. The US Army will then possess 501 of the "new" Longbows by 2003. It would be interesting to know if this new Apache will produce a positive or negative effect on the Army of today. Please post your thoughts and opinions. I would like to hear them!

BTW (By the way), they have pictures of these new guided Hellfires. Oy! smile.gif Sure would hate to get hit by one of those. Ouch!

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