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tips/ideas for Team Cahoon/ Team Hill


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Dear Sirs: Have any one of you developed strategies, tips or success stories for your experiences with Team Cahoon, Team Hall or Team Hill? I find myself losing all of my armor units early in the game and then I am forced to challenge OPFOR armor, SAM's and infantry with a small collection of infantry, ATGM and Javelin teams who get wiped out really fast. Do any of you use the technique of retreating into the town until re reinforcements arrive? Thank you for your excellent comments and ideas


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I sneak around the south of objective A (where no enemy units are) and attack the forest from the south. It is still a bloodbath, but usually I can clear the forest with superier firepower.

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One strategy I have tried and get about 45% succes is to move the Bradleys up to the east and then hide them. waiting for the main force to pass them. once the artie/mortar moves by I open up always displacing to the east.

Also I hit the scouts as far to the east as possible denying the OPFOR eyes early on.

Tanks are deployed in 2 vehicle ambush positions that allow them very limited fields of fire. As a juicy group passes into sight I let them open up for a turn and then displace about 300 meters. This harasses the OPFOR and forces them to back up regroup then proceed forward. Infantry and ATGMs are deployed in the same ambush postions with limited fields of fire. I let them open up, pop smoke and displace. These groups are only authorized to hit small groups of 4 or less. Again I get about 45% success with these tactics.


M. L. Johnson


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