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Color of Icons


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I have ordered TacOps 3 for the Mac. I would like to change the colors of friendly and enemy units. I do not like the linguini spined blue but would prefer testosterone green. The enemy should be commy pink.

These are not political correct colors but just reflect my personal preferences.

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Guest MajorH

I don't encourage this but ...

Mac Version - You can access the marker symbol art with ResEdit.

Window Version - You can access the marker symbol art with AppStudio or a similar Windows resource manipulation utility.

Keep the artwork size exactly the same - a one pixel error in width or height will produce unpredicatable bugs.

Save the artwork in 256 colors only. Saving at higher or lower color settings may produce unpredicatable bugs.

If you make any internal hacks to TacOps please do not report bugs to me thereafter smile.gif

Best regards, Major H


[This message has been edited by MajorH (edited 01-05-2000).]

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