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Weapons Effects on Nonarmored Targets

Dave Andersen

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In the unit and weapons database, weapons area listed for hit probability and armor penetration. What is the best way to evaluate the relative effectiveness of different weapons systems vs. nonarmored targets. For example the M60 vs the minigun on a UH-60. Clearly the minigun would be more effective, but I could'nt tell you whether the minigun would be more or less effective than a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. How are weapons effects modeled in the game?

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I don't know how to answer that properly without publishing a detailed spreadsheet of the contents of the data base - which I am not inclined to do.

That leaves me with just saying that playing the game will give you an intuitive feel for what various units and weapons are capable of achieving at various ranges and against various targets.

The M60 vs UH60 mounted minigun example that you gave might not be as clear as you suggested. The minigun is mounted on a relatively unstable platform - i.e. a maneuvering helicopter. Balancing this is the great amount of lead that it throws toward the target. An M60 machine gun mounted on a tripod would be much more accurate but would have much less lead going downrange. Tough call smile.gif.


Best regards, Major H


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