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In a nut shell...

More units - especially for Canadian Army.

Landing craft and air cushion vehicles.

Experimental advanced AAVs and Osprey for USMC.

Many US scenarios have been duplicated (renamed and converted) so that they automatically start up with Canadian ORBAT instead of US.

More extra maps.

Converted the PC code from a 16 bit Windows 3.x base to a 32 bit Windows95/98/NT base so can use long filenames.

An optional French language user interface.

Weapon and unit tweaks too numerous to mention.

You know ... same old stuff smile.gif


Best regards, Major H


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Apologies if this has been hashed through before. I've been away from Tacops for almost a year, just found Battlefront.com and am happy to see the V3 Demo.

On the old mailing list there was a lot of discussion of maps being converted to topo maps with multiple levels for V3.

Did that go by the wayside after the AH demise?

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Major H,

I played the old TAC Ops on my Macintosh a long time ago. Is this tac ops an update from the old one or is TAC ops 2 because I remembered it was being made by Avalon Hill before it was bought out. Is this TAC OPs for the IBM or the Mac or both? My friend was waiting a long time for any update from the TAC ops. Thanks


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TacOps 2.0 was marketed for a short while by Avalon Hill. Avalon Hill moved to Hasbro and TacOps did not. I made changes for a Canadian contract and that led to TacOps v3.0 that is being released now.

Significant differences from TacOps v2.0 ...

Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT4 versions on same hybrid CDROM.

Optional French game interface and French documentation.

Added more US units and a lot more Canadian units – now have 283 unit types. Tweaked the Australian and New Zealand units.

Tweaked unit and weapon characteristics.

Added a 100 megabyte reference library consisting of 20 U.S. Army field manuals in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. This is a tactics oriented subset pulled from the larger (167 manuals) Military Reference Library CDROM currently sold by www.battlefront.com.

20 extra maps for custom scenarios including a low fidelity interpretation of NTC Ft. Irwin, an area near Ft Knox, an area in Korea, an area in Germany, and some Canadian training areas.

Enhanced amphibious capabilities. Added four sizes of amphibious landing craft and some extra maps with coastlines. Added an advanced USMC amphibious assault vehicle and the Osprey Tilt Rotor .

Addition of CPX (Command Post Exercise) umpire support features and umpire tools including printed reports.

Addition of a complete current and near future ORBAT for Canadian Forces as provided by the Canadian Army.

About 60 of the US scenarios were duplicated and converted so that they start up with Canadian order of battle instead of US.

Long filenames added to Windows version. Ported code to W95/98/NT4 32 bit base. Dropped Windows 3.x compatibility.


Best regards, Major H


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