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Guest MajorH

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Guest MajorH

Once in a while I will discover that a US Marine is trying to locate a copy of 'old' TacOps.

There is an official USMC version of TacOps (TacOpsMC) that is still available and is free to all active duty and reserve Marines. This version can be obtained from Marine Corps University through training channels.

In August of 1998, Marine Corps University purchased for the US Marine Corps a license for a custom version of TacOps for USMC training use. The current nomenclature of the custom USMC version is 'TacOps Classic Edition USMC version 2.1.1 of 7 October 1998'. The short title is 'TacOpsMC'. Check with your unit S3/Training Office to see if a master CDROM/disk has arrived for your unit. It is OK for any Marine to copy that version (and only that version <g>) of TacOps for free. The last Marine Corps University point of contact for distribution was Major Saul Hernandez, Director of Logistics, Marine Corps University Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Va., 22134. Phone: (703)784-4001/4029, FAX: (703) 784-4015. E-mail: hernandezs@quantico.usmc.mil. I don't know if he is still there or not.

TacOpsMC was a slightly enhanced revision of TacOpsCE v2.0.0 for Mac and Windows as sold by Avalon Hill.


Best regards, Major H


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