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OT: Olympic congrats to our NZ cousins


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stuka:

3 cheers for the NZ olympic team!

HIP RAY! Hip ray, hip[yawn]ray

A mighty BRONZE medal! (thats one in a row now isn't it?)

You must be so proud tongue.gif

[pitta,pitta,pitta,pitta] (sound of feet fleeing ahead of the oncoming flames)


Good on yer Stuka, give 'em hell (as Roy & HG were doing with not much subtelty). Perhaps I could start a thread challenging all those NZ medallists out there to a game of Combat Mission... but then again, I guess I would only get a MAXIMUM of 1 reply. biggrin.gif Thats the trouble when dealing with a small pond of "talent" when what you really need is a big lake to really challenge you.

Now if that doesn't get GAZ NZ going then nothing will! smile.gif


Jim R.


Inspector: "Does your derg bite?"

Dog Owner: "No, my dog does not bite"

Inspector: "Good derggie (pat, pat...growl- snap!)... Yeeow! I thought you said your derg does not bite!"

Dog Owner: "That is not my dog".

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