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Thanks for once again organizing this tournament !

It looks like I'll be finishing 5 of my current ongoing games, so I've the time to play in this tournament ! Awaiting your mail with the scenario's !

BTW, although Battlefront has always provided good support, maybe it is time/wise to switch this thread to a forum which is a bit more alive. Like, for instance, www.theblitz.org.

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I am about ready to set this tournament up, so far I have ten participants and I have two more I need to verify if you are in. For those I have commited, I will send out a email with everyones addresses.

Here is the ten commited

Crow Warrior


K.A. Miles



Neal aka Major Tum




Bert Hamoen

Cuznjg14 you need to contact me and provide a email, you do not have one in your provile, please reply quickly if interested.

Mntineer, I have not heard from you either, I have sent you a email but I need a active reply if you want in.

[ February 23, 2008, 08:09 PM: Message edited by: slysniper ]

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9 of the 10 I know are commited type of players and will complete their matches, so I feel confident we shall again have a smooth tournament. That hopefully we might not have any drop outs this time, but as in the past,you know I will fill in as needed.

The nice thing is I have not even seen the scenarios, I have two at the moment, but I have not even looked at them, so no clue as to what they are like. so very close men very close to sending these out..

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11 of 12 now ready for battle, 3 scenarios in hand and I just need one more player to make a nice number 12

CuznJG14, you have to contact us, it is hard to contact you without any type of email.

The offer is still open to any willing player, the first one that wants to fill this slot and be in the tournament will be accepted.

I want to start preparing matches and send out games tomorrow if I have some time.

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Mntineer, I have you covered.

I will be sending scenarios and passwords starting tonight. I still have a place for a 12th person, I will let it go for the rest of the week, and try a fill it, if not, instead of a bye I will play the opponant since I am blind also to the scenarios but I will not count my score. but all other scoring will be the same as before - should post a thread that explains that again for the few newbies if they have not looked it up.

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