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What other wargames do you play?

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Curious what other's play. 

Myself, I'm just getting reintroduced to them. I played a lot of Close Combat back in the day. But was mostly into flight sims, like the Jane's series (Longbow was amazing) and the king, Falcon 4.0. I still don't think anyone's come up with a dynamic campaign like F4 had. I loved spending hours planning flights. 

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What, there are other games available 😉?

I used to play a lot of 'simulations' - Il-2 Sturmovik and SH3 Grey Wolves mod in particular.  For tank sims, T34 versus Tiger was looking good but got abandoned. In its absence, the Graviteam stuff like Kharkov 1943 was okay.   I have Il-2 Tank Crew but haven't really done that much with it.  For a bit of 'infantry' action I played Sniper Elite 2, 3 and 4 and (oh dear) Call of Duty and stuff like Day of Defeat (the original one).  I have Sniper Elite 5 but it hasn't floated my boat just yet.

Going back further I spent a lot of time with the Talonsoft East Front / West Front etc. games (now the Campaign Series).

Before that it was board games - yes ASL.

EDIT: for a real change I used to play everything in Half-Life - Black Mesa is still good.  Plus the original Doom and Quake stuff.  And things like Dungeon Master in Atari ST days.  And before that the world was just being created...

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