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Did Battlefront release a "Indian battlepack"...and not tell anyone? I'm confused...


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Good morning and happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I need someone's help...

Here is my confusion...

Used to play CMBS exclusively but transitioned to CMFB about 3 years ago. The only time I have actually opened Black Sea in that time, was last month for a scenario PBEM game. No issues. Gamer is ongoing.

Then...last night a new opponent contacted me about setting up a QB in CMBS. When I went to set up the QB, I got a very unusual menu. Has anyone ever seen a menu that lists "Special Service"?  cannot figure it out. The defender side is blank in who you are selecting. The next screen is worse. It's like a weird mix of German WWII labels...and the Indian Army!??!?  I've included screenshots(the website limited me to these).

When I get to the actual forces on Turn 1, the units seem to be the "normal" Russian pixeltroops...but not in the formations that would be in CMBS. Same with the other forces...they are the modern American units.

It is all very bizarre!!

And...yes...I have Engine 4 ver 2.16

Anyone experience this before?




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That's a scripts text file mismatch... either you have an old modded text file (for some reason) which hasn't been updated for a later patch or your patching/installing process got messed up in some manner.

You need to either remove the modded text file or reinstall.

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That's kinda what I had guessed because the game seems to play fine otherwise. Do not use any mods, so I am not sure how it happened. I tried downloading a fresh install this morning, but the problem persisted. Granted...I had not uninstalled the "old" copy hoping, it would just overwrite it and solve the issue. My next step is to do a complete uninstall.

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Did complete uninstall...re-install. That seems to have cleared the problem up. Bizarre though, because I really haven't touched the game in years. I focus on CMFB and any downloading I have done have been just maps and scenarios for that. Guess one of them "crossed over" and corrupted it.

Sorry if I got anyone excited about a new "Indian army battlepack" release. 😉

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