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Parkers crossroads

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So my friends, using the existing search function in the forms I was not able to find anything that was relevant to current combat mission games. Is there a Parker's crossroads scenario or campaign, mini campaign I guess it would be, available for cmfb?

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I know a bit about Civil Wars on both the right side and the wrong side of the pond. And I'd always thought that Parker's Crossroads was in TN, rather than the Ardennes.

Elizabeth looks up from this week's Whitehall Gazette and mumbles, "is that your idea of a rhyme?"

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19 hours ago, Modernrocco said:


We had some bloke over here who thought he could be a rebel. Ignoring the will of the people whilst rolling in money and sporting bling. He started a war, lost it, and refused to accept the result, then started another war, and lost that one too. Things got a bit messy after that.

Meanwhile back in the Ardennes, has anyone found this crossroads?

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