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Steam ?

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I have been playing CMFB and CMFR against the computer for a couple years, playing occasionally, usually with veteran setting. I am going to purchase the Combat Mission Cold War bundle soon. Is it easy to play a human opponent through Steam? I like Steam because of the automatic bug fixes/updates I get with my other Computer game (IL-2 Great Battles). I am pretty much computer illiterate, no idea how to update or use mods on my already installed games. 

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CMCW still allows people to play via PBEM.

There is now an additional multiplayer mode which will email you when a turn arrives, however it does have shortcomings as there is no way to communicate with your opponent (it's essentially anonymous) and I believe there is an as-yet unfixed bug where in certain circumstances one player will not be able to see the results screen. Plus when the slitherine servers go down there's no way to play a match. I will say that when it works, it works (so long as you are happy with not communicating with your opponent), but I don't know how active it is.

I haven't used the new multiplayer mode because of the shortcomings. CM Helper and Dropbox, while being a bit of an initial technical overhead, is very stable, and it's easy to communicate with people and arrange games on the unofficial discord server, which has over 1600 members and is highly active (there's an invite in my signature).

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2 hours ago, Grey_Fox said:

so long as you are happy with not communicating with your opponent

Some of my best (virtual) friends are people I've got to know during Combat Mission PBEMs.  All are here on this forum.  We typically use Dropbox to transfer files, and use either PMs here or emails to flag up turns and discuss various things.  Works fine in my opinion, but I should perhaps give CM Helper a try for the odd time that one of us forgets something.

I'm not sure I'd enjoy PBEMs so much without the communication.

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Which are the good H2H CW scenarios? 

Been playing H2H the "Mittelaschenbach" and "Stem the Tide" scenarios that claim to be good for H2H, but we've found them to be absolutely terrible for one side.  Those two scenarios seem to have been designed for vs AI play only and then added bodged together briefings for both sides just to claim they are H2H scenarios.  As a result CW H2H has been a huge disappointment.  Will probably stick with the campaigns (and any scenarios that have a good reputation for vs AI only).

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To be honest I haven’t played a H2H scenario. We usually pick a map then decide which type of battle we want to fight. I like meeting engagements. The contrast between the two protagonists is, in my opinion, really highlighted in this game. Finesse vs Brut Strength.

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