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Unlimited Mission Time

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I made a small Cheat Engine patch for the game, it allows you to prevent the mission ending when the timer runs out.
Just attach cheat engine to the game, then load the file and check the "Disable Mission Timer" checkbox.
When the timer goes to zero it begins counting up, the AI still functions even after you pass the time limit (though no more timed scenario actions will occur).  

I made patches for Normandy, Shock Force 2, Cold War, and Black Sea, which can be found in their respective forums

CM Shock Force 2.CT

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On 9/16/2022 at 12:26 PM, ViperAssassin26 said:

So I put it in my Z folder but the time still runs out on the clock or it it supposed to work like that?

No, it's a "Cheat Table".

So you load it up in the program Cheat Engine. Then you find and open the Cheat Table, which is essentially just gives you a few cheats to play with (Whatever the creator created, in this case an unlimited timer). The table has already found specific code for you to change to your liking, instead of you having to use Cheat Engine and finding the code manually.

You start your CM game, start a scenario, then start Cheat Engine and load the cheat table while you are still playing your CM game. The Cheat Engine accesses the files of the game (In your RAM, not permanent memory) while you play it (To put it simply) and alters the code.

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