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Combat Mission Red Thunder Battle Pack 1 pre-orders are now open


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16 minutes ago, chuckdyke said:

Just for you! At least he tried to sing in German. Es ist zum kotzen. 😉



Another enigma to me. With regard to music I was more of an anglophile in the 70s. Well, each to his own.

Edit; just read Costello was born in London. Well, I completly missed him.

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1 hour ago, Warts 'n' all said:

I think that it is safe to assume that @BFCElvis will not be singing in any of the battle pack scenarios. But he was brilliant in Brokkers Park at the 2nd Anti-Nazi Carnival in 1978. Hopefully that comment won't offend the haters of political correctness who sometimes infest the forum.

Frankly, my dear....

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11 hours ago, Aragorn2002 said:

Never liked him. Just listened to some of his songs. Terrible. 

Too funny.  Vintage Aragorn!  

I like Elvis C, even know how to play some of his songs.  But first time I saw him on the telly I was a freshman in high school.  Doing sleepover at friend's house.  Smoking pot, totally stoned.  Saturday night live is on and the band starts.  We burst out laughing, we had no idea what we were seeing and totally high.  We were into zeppelin, skynyrd, yes, etc.  WTF is this???  

Later I came to appreciate him but at the time was so kept in the dark by our Dayton, Oh rock station we had no idea about punk movement.  We thought that WTUE played everything that was worth playing.  We were total bumpkins 😆

edit:  and NO ONE we knew of played fender jazzmasters/jaguars

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On 11/2/2022 at 5:34 PM, PIATpunk said:

Declan's been quiet.  That's possibly a good sign.

It is and it isn't. Good, that is.

This morning we put out what we hope is the final tournament patch for Cold War. What this means is, assuming it is fine, this opens the door wide for getting CMBN on Steam. When that happens will be up to Slitherine's scheduling people but it will be out of our hands. Also, patches with PBEM++ and the tournament will come out for Shock Force 2 and Black Sea.

Regarding the Battle Pack. As I think I mentioned before, it is finished. It has been for a while. So, "what's the hold up then?" Good question. There is a problem with the Mac version. We've been trying to get it sorted out for weeks. Right now we are considering releasing the Windows version while we wait for the Mac fix.


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