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Where's the rest of the military equipment?

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It strikes me as odd games like CMSF2 and CMBS do not have additional military equipment in the map editor that a BN and below would have.  I'm meaning more of the GP medium or large tents, OE254 antenna's, COM201B antenna's, generator carts, satellite dish carts, ULCAN netting, HEMMIT (even static) for refueling points, etc.  Has anyone been working on these? I have found a couple camo nets, tents, and HESCO barriers from modders.  Is there anything else?

I do hope engine 5 or the next CMBS DLC addresses this a bit.


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I agree, particularly in the ww2 titles. When playing with panzers, I want to see the enemy's rear get pummeled!

I would seriously appreciate an "equipment" pack or similar. The titles really need flavor like this. I know I was really limited when I was designing my version of a Russian MRB. I'm holding off on v2 until we get new trucks, because I can use them to break up the massive amount of Ural 4320's I used. Enclosed trucks would be pretty cool. I think one is in the works, I'm definitely waiting for it.

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