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Haven't played CM for a number of years but am back at it. The initial setup is causing me problems. When I try to setup a bazooka team on level 2 of a two story building looking out of a window I just can't seem to do it. I get a weird looking white hexagon symbol on the second floor which is NOT by a window.  The game manual is sorely lacking in describing the actual mechanics of placing units so I have no idea what that hexagon icon is. Also, when I try to move an infantry squad into an entrenchment, the squad sets up everywhere BUT inside the entrenchment. What am I missing here?


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Could the hexagon be the circle at the end of a way point? At any rate if the building is inside the setup zone use the move command (N) to place them in the building and pick the floor you want when prompted. Now use the face command (G) to get them to look out the windows you want.

If the building is not inside the setup zone (or when the game begins) give your team a move order (N, or I, or F) to the building, select the floor when prompted. Now click on the last movement leg - anywhere on the coloured line or the white end cap hex or circle - and use the face command (G) to tell them what windows to look out of when they get there.

Regarding entrenchments: they should automatically do that. If they don't try the face command to jog them into repositioning. I find particularly with AT guns this really helps get them behind sandbag walls.

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