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Feature/Mod Request

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As a frequent maker of large to huge maps, I seriously need/want a feature or mod that will allow me to zoom further out from the map to see the whole thing. At present the camera cannot be moved outside of the perimeter of the map. When creating very large and mountainous maps (with tall mountains such as Monte la Difensa) this prevents me from zooming out far enough away to see the whole thing properly. Very very frustrating.  I trust/hope that such a feature might not be too difficult to program?

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I'm working on a very huge map lately myself. I used photoshop to cut the map together, the editor version, as well as in 3D to get an idea on how it looks.
It's not perfect and requires some work (like almost everything regarding CM), but it's something that can be overcome.



There is a problem, that terrain gets not rendered anymore after a certain distance. If I'm at one end of my map, about the opposite third of it gets not rendered.
7280m x 2544m

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Posted (edited)

Nice looking map. I use the same trick sometime for 2D views of the map. And I also have a problem with rendering distance. I don't know if this is a program limitation or my computer's limitation.  The zoom out that  I want is for the 3D view.  When creating a mountain map with very tall mountains (i.e. Monte la Difensa), I cannot zoom out far enough to get the whole picture.

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That might be difficult indeed. You can't see mountains very well from the top view, which is necessary to merge several pictures to one big one. I think the rendering distance of the landscape might get into the way of it nevertheless. It you would zoom out too much, the computer would not show the map. I think it's part of the engine, not a computer limitation.

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