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I have a major bug. No issue found. No update or reboot done.

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Hi community.

I just started CMBB a month ago. I purchase the game on GOG.

The game, so far; worked like a charm.

Until the exact same bug as here happened to me:

-I'm using Windows 11.

-No update from my side.

-None from GOG are possible...Because I don't use their GOG Galaxy system. In fact I never downloaded it. I always played "offline"


In fact...the bug just happened that's all.

*Everything was 100% normal until now. When playing, I pressed the "forward" button of the turn timer several times. Just to run few turns more quickly. At this time, I was "testing" the truck ability to go off-road. To see how many of a group of 30 will be bogged or immobile in deep snow.

Since there's no clue on internet...I was wondering if it could be linked ?

Because the bug, not only make infantry look like " i ".

It also make them move in a convulsive way, with brief and twitchy movements. Just as if the time is on a higher speed.

well...any help.

thanks a lot.

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It's getting a lot more weirder...


After next installation, same problem is still here.

> On GOG forum; few people seems to have the same issue. Some solve the bug with a nonsense (but working) tricks as: Uninstall Windows Messenger.

yeah yeah...i swear

>The thing for me is: My machine is brand new.  As I'm currently using another computer for daily, the one with CMBB installed on it doesn't even have an internet connexion. CMBB is the only programme I have on it. No update, no reboot, no internet connexion, no applications...This laptop was only so far, for CMBB purpose...And everything was fine until this morning. I mean, it's crazy. I'm talking about a laptop which is totally offline and untouched from first time I launched it a month ago.

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Posted (edited)

If you haven't rebooted your computer since this error occurred, then perhaps rebooting it MIGHT help (or a shutdown and full power off rather than any 'sleep' mode).

I don't fully understand what the exact 'clocks' are that were originally mentioned when this issue first surfaced about 20 years ago. At the time, for one user I believe, an update to their Dell BIOS seemed to have addressed the issue, though that may have been the true fix for the problem and just correlated to the issue not appearing with the next run of the game. There is a CMOS clock which your OS will typically reference (for your system clock) and then there may be a 'software timer/clock' that is something you may not see as an end user. This would likely be the internal time keeping of CMBB that meshes everything together, especially for turn-based game, but I don't really know the internal workings of the CM games. My guess is that somehow the system clock and the 'game clock' become unsynchronized and this causes turn playback issues, with one result being the especially notable 'standing-at-attention' figures. It would seem that by simply exiting the game and reloading it would resolve the issue, but that doesn't actually work. Perhaps this 'de-synchronization' gets recorded into the game save file and can't easily be overcome. By rebooting and then loading the game again the issue MIGHT go away within a turn or two, but I don't really know what the true fix for this issue is.

When the original CM1 games came out (CMBO, CMBB and CMAK), multicore CPUs didn't quite exist for consumer computers. Now that they're commonplace and OSes support them extensively they can possibly cause issues with these older games. The most notable one is usually a really slow turn playback and rendering speed with the CM1 games. I'm not sure of the exact cause of this when it comes to multi-core CPUs and the way that the OS manages processing loads with them. My suggestion has been to set the game to utilize only one core as I mentioned in this CMBB thread. However I've seen that simply Alt-Tab'ing to minimize the game and then re-maximize it results in the same speed improvement of the game (you also Alt-Tab out and back into the game setting the Processor Affinity, so this may simply be the answer itself). The multi-core/threaded support of many video drivers MIGHT be a possible issue , but I don't really know. With Windows 8/10/11 it appears necessary to minimize the game and re-maximize it to refresh certain 2D menu screens that may go 'black' during the initial scenario selection and loading process.

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Clarify some thoughts.
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