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Connections Online 2022 Professional Wargaming Conference

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(I hope this one is OK to share here and that it isn't considered something spamish)


Calling all simulators, analysts, and wargamers

Connections Online 2022, coming in mid-April


We are an online non-profit conference dedicated to advancing the art, science, and application of wargaming. Our event emphasizes strengthening the links between hobby, commercial, academic, and professional communities interested in using games to understand the real world.


Core Events will run 19-21 April, 10AM-4PM EST. Core events currently planned include (but are not limited to) developing professional wargames; improving your design skills; recent innovations in the wargaming field; simulating cyber conflict; and more.


From 18-24 April we will have extended events (outside our Core hours) that address more niche topics, and present actual games! Extended events will include topics such as designing political-focused games, the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, and a wargame bootcamp on tools for running games online.


On 18 April, there will be a free 2-hour introductory session that will be publicly streamed, as an "Introduction & Orientation to Wargaming". This session is being held in advance of the Core events to allow potential participants to gauge their own interest in the field before committing to full registration for Connections Online.


Registration will be required via Tabletop.events (for a nominal fee) and content will be streamed through a private YouTube channel.


Current schedule is available at the ACD site, but it still being added to


(flyer is at https://www.armchairdragoons.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/ConnexFlyer-2022.jpg)


Note that this is not a game convention. It is a professional conference about wargaming that includes a few game sessions, but with a focus on seminars, panels, and presentations for information exchange within the professional / practitioner wargaming world

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