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Favourite map not showing up in Quick Battle?

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Have you ever had the problem of a map that you want to use for a Quick Battle not showing up when setting up the scenario? This easily resolved issue relates to another, have you ever wanted to play with a small OOB on a large or huge map and found it impossible?  The problem and the solution reside in the selection of scenario size. When you choose a size setting for a scenario, e.g. 'small', the QB creation program provides a small number  of points to create your OOB and it selects a map from the list of maps that the map designers have labelled 'small'.  The solution with making a favourite lare or huge map appear in all sizes of scenarios is to make copies of the map file and label them individually 'small', 'medium', 'large' and/or 'huge'. This will make that map appear in each of the size selected scenarios. For example, you would now be able to use a huge map with a small OOB.

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